HOW TO : secure your Dreambox

Don’t Risk that your Dreambox get Hacked.
These are 2 points that you have to do and be Secure.

A ) Change the default Dreambox Password (dreambox)
1. From the PC Keyboard go START/RUN.
2. Type: cmd.exe and click on OK.
3. Type this Command Prompt:

telnet Dreambox_IP

and press Enter (example: telnet

4. Type-User Name: root and press Enter.
5. Type your current Dreambox Password (if this never been changed from the current image,so it should be dreambox) then press Enter.
6. Type Command: passwd and press Enter.
7. Now a new password is being asked for. this has to be between 5 and 8 characters.Then press Enter.
8. Re-enter the new password again and press Enter
9. Exit from Telnet (you can do this by typing: exit and press Enter)
Password Changed.